SMART Jamaat App

SMART Jamaat is a complete solution for masjids to open safely during the pandemic and protect the attendees by offering a safe and secure environment in full compliance with the COVID-19 Guidelines and Protocols with ability to manage the attendance.

SMART Jamaat is offered by our non-profit Foundation as a Community Giveback Program and is fully funded in perpetuity and is offered to every Masjid at absolutely no cost to them. There is no commercial interest now or in future and we are committed to provide full support to the program.

A Quick Step by Step user guide for Musallih on how to download and use SMART Jamaat App and to make reservations for Salah.

Scan the QR Code to download the app.

Masjid Administration can share this flyer with the users as a help guide for onboarding process and also can print and post on the premises.

SMART Jamaat Reservations
SMART Jamaat Giudeline Questionnaire Disclaimer

Step by Step guide for Administrators to set up and configure the Masjid operations using the SMART Jamaat Admin Portal. Full help guides are available in the Portal.

Masjid can configure Iqama times for All Salah including Juma, Special Salah and Events, Number of Spots for Brothers and Sisters, Masjid Guidelines, Donate Link and set Announcements, Services and Notifications.

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